Characterisation of the narrator

The most important characters in the short story “Loose Change” by Andrea Levy are the narrator and Laylor. The rest of the characters mentioned in the short story are part of the social setting and relevant for the two main characters’ attitude towards them.

The first-person narrator of the short story is also an active character. According to her outer characterisation, she is a woman who lives in London whose grandmother immigrated to the UK from the Caribbean. She is also “a single mother with a nine-year-old”.

The description of her house suggests that she belongs to the middle-class, neither particularly rich or poor: “I have warm bedrooms, one of them empty.” 

Inner characterisation

The narrator’s inner characterisation is conveyed both directly (self-characterisation) and indirectly through her attitude and actions.

The narrator describes herself as a typical Londoner, namely as an unsociable person: “I AM NOT IN the habit of making friends of strangers. I'm a Londoner. Not even little grey-haired old ladies passing comment on the weather can shame a response from me.”

However, she also has moments of vulnerability, such as when she meets Laylor. The n...

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