Truth or dare

Alaska's naughty game

In the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green, the night before her death, Alaska gets drunk with the Colonel in her room. Miles, who doesn't want to join in the drinking, is bored and only half-listens to the conversation between the Colonel and Alaska. Suddenly, Alaska suggests playing Truth or Dare. Miles confesses that he never played it because he didn't have any friends at the age when the game was hot. This encourages Alaska to play the game now. Miles' only condition when he agrees to play the game is that he will not kiss the Colonel.

Immediately, Alaska takes the floor and starts the game by asking Miles if he chooses truth or dare. Miles says "dare" and Alaska, without hesitation, demands that he kiss her. He doesn't even know what hit him and the two are already making out. The speed and brevity of the scene make it seem like they've both been waiting to kiss for a long time. It seems like a strong inner urge that is finally allowed to take hold. The division of the sentences into paragraphs indicates that the events and what is said happen one after the other:

Alaska started. 

‘Truth or Dare, Pudge.’ 

‘Dare.’ ‘Hook up with...

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