Relationship between Miles and Alaska

Love at first sight

The relationship between Miles and Alaska is an important part of the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green. When Miles meets Alaska for the first time, he is immediately smitten. He no longer listens to what the Colonel tells him because he is completely taken in by Alaska's appearance. He is instantly fascinated by her and finds her incredibly beautiful (p. 22). During their first conversation alone at the lake, Miles describes Alaska's attractiveness in more detail, which confirms that he has fallen for her (ibid.)

But it's not just Alaska's appearance that impresses Miles. Alaska immediately opens a philosophical conversation about life by telling Miles about the last words of Simón Bolívar and asking Miles’ opinion about the labyrinth. Miles is amazed by her way of thinking. This becomes clear by Miles’ remark about her later in French class. He realizes that she might ...

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