In this section we’re introducing all major and important minor characters from John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska. We will give you information about the characters' appearance, age, and place of origin as they are presented in the novel. In addition, we will show you their family relationships, as well as their social relationships outside their families. We can already know much about a character by looking at their relationship to family and friends. We will focus especially on the main characters Miles, Alaska, and Chip the Colonel. We will divide short sections by headings which will bring to light different aspects of the characters. Thus, you will be able to understand different traits of the characters. In addition, separate sections present the relationships among the characters. The friendship between Miles and the Colonel and the relationship between Miles and Alaska are significant to the novel and therefore receive special attention.

Typical behaviors and traits of the characters as well as their meaning are described in detail in separate sections. Their desires and ambitions also receive attention, because through them you can also form an image of the characters. All aspects mentioned are marked with page numbers that refer to the corresponding place in the novel. Thus, the character traits can be easily traced in the text. The character descriptions also provide a good basis for the analysis part and the interpretation part later on.

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