Capital letters: Intensity

Often the typeface is used to illustrate the way the characters speak. For example, the capitalization of words and phrases that are shouted, yelled, or spoken aloud. We notice this features several times, for example, at the basketball game, when the Colonel yells his heckles in (p. 46-47), when the Eagle yells after the boys during their prank (p. 98), when Alaska yells for the boys to help her get off the school grounds, "She yelled, “I JUST HAVE TO GO. HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE!”  (p. 120).

Through this device, the intensity of what is said is enhanced. The capitalized sentences stand out from the text, and thus the typeface makes the volume of what is being said clear. This device is also used in several other places (p. 33, 78, 142).

Italics: Thoughts

When Miles talks to himself in thou...

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