The title of the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green describes what Miles and his friends are struggling with: they are searching for the real Alaska. When Alaska is still alive, Miles tries to figure her out and get to know her. After her death, he is even more concerned with finding out who Alaska was and what she felt and thought. Miles feels her slipping away from him. He realizes more and more that he didn't really know her and finds that his memory of her is also fading away. 

Through their research, the friends try to fight this forgetting. After her death, they feel lost and cannot process that she is suddenly gone. Alaska's absence hits them hard. They want to explain her death and find out how it happened. Through their research about the night of the accident, they try to get closer to their friend again. They are looking for Alaska. And Alaska herself, who was unhappy with her life, may also have been looking for herself. 

Alaska is also a state in the US, which the girl chose as her name because it was far away from her home. Based on this, the title also means that the girl is looking for a...

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