In this section we’ll analyze the title, which carries a meaning and is open to interpretation. Then we discuss the plot of John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska with Alaska's death placed centrally in the chronological sequence. Later we’ll analyze the structure of the narrative divided into the days "before" and "after". Here we’ll take a look at the development and build-up of suspense in both parts. Then we will describe the physical setting.

We will then examine the language of the novel and its stylistic features. Green uses poetic philosophical language to some extent, mixed with informal language spoken by young people., You’ll see how Green skillfully translates the traits of the main characters into their language. Also, the narrative technique and the first-person narrator will be discussed.

Furthermore, we will discuss the literary devices. A special feature of Green's novel are the quotations of famous people woven into the plot. Their authenticity and origins are portrayed in this section too. Key words in the book are also given. Finally, we will examine the animal symbolism. Our analysis provides you with a rich source of information and textual examples and forms a good basis for interpretation.

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