The only active and most important characters in the short story “Long Walk to Forever” by Kurt Vonnegut are Newt and Catharine, the two childhood friends, who love each other. Newt’s mother and Catharine’s fiancé are also mentioned, but they are absent and are not presented in detail.


Newt is the male character in the story and his actions – coming to visit Catharine and declare his love – trigger all the subsequent plot. His physical appearance is depicted directly by the narrator while his inner traits surface through his actions and attitude.

Outer characterization

We do not know how Newt looks like, except that he is a young 20 years old soldier enrolled in the Artillery: “Now they were twenty, had not seen each other for nearly a year.” And: “He was a private first class in the Artillery. His uniform was rumpled. His shoes were dusty. He needed a shave.” 

He speaks in an absent, distant manner, making it difficult for people to know his thoughts and feelings: “He covered his shyness by speaking absently as though what really concerned him were far away--as though he were a...

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