The short story “I See You Never” by Ray Bradbury begins with a knock on Mrs. O’Brian’s door. She opens to be met by two police officers and her tenant, Mr. Ramirez. He is in the United States with a temporary visa, which expired six months ago. The police are there to take Mr. Ramirez back to Mexico. Mr. Ramirez has already packed his belongings and wants to say goodbye to Mrs. O’Brian. 

Mr. Ramirez remembers all the good times he had in America. He has managed to make a life for himself there and has enjoyed the comforts he was able to afford, such as the radio and going to the opera or the theatre.

 Mrs. O’Brian is thinking about a trip to Mexico. She was not impressed by what she saw there. She is sorry to see Mr. Ramirez go. Mr. Ramirez c...

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