Physical setting

The short story “I See You Never” by Ray Bradbury takes place in Los Angeles, United States of America. The time setting is probably close to the year the story was published (1947). There is a mention of Mr. Ramirez working at the airplane factory during the war, and “even now, after the war, he still held his job”. This suggests the story takes place shortly after the Second World War (1939-1945). 

Most of the action takes place on Mrs. O’Brian’s back porch, over the course of less than an hour. The characters face each other on either side of the kitchen door, with Mrs. O’ Brian and her family inside, while Mr. Ramirez and the policemen are outside. The placement of the characters in the scene is significant. Mr. Ramirez is outside, surrounded by police. He does not step inside, nor is he invited in. This signals his stat...

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