Mrs O'Brian

Mrs. O’Brian is a main character in the story “I See You Never” by Ray Bradbury. She is Mr. Ramirez’s landlady. She is a middle-aged woman with three grown sons and two younger daughters. 

Mr. O’Brian is a kind person. Mr. Ramirez thinks of her as “strict but kindly”. This means she probably has a set of rules for her tenants, but otherwise, she is friendly with them. She is upset by Mr. Ramirez’s situation and wishes she could do something to help him. This shows her good intentions and kind nature. 

She also thinks of Mr. Ramirez as “her best tenant” and is willing to tolerate him getting drunk once a week because she believes it is a privilege “every good workingman deserved”. 

However, Mrs. O’Brian has some prejudices against her tenant and Mexico ...

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