My Son the Fanatic

The short story "My Son the Fanatic" was written by Hanif Kureishi and is part of his collection of short stories named "Love in a Blue Time", which was published in 1997. Also, "My Son the Fanatic" has served as inspiration for a film with the same title.

Our Literary Guideline for the short story "My Son the Fanatic" gathers in one place all you need to know regarding this literary work you study at the English class.

Here you can find the summary, information on the main characters, the interpretation of the short story and many other important aspects, that can make the difference between a good grade and a great one.

Our writers have carefully structured all information regarding "My Son the Fanatic", so this literary guideline is easy to read, follow and understand.

Access "My Son the Fanatic", find the information you need and use it as inspiration for writing your homework for the English class, a project or to study for an exam.

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My Son the Fanatic

  • 17.02.2018
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