Here is a brief presentation of our analysis of the short story “Greyhound Tragedy” by Richard Brautigan.

The short story has a minimalist structure. It is short and concise, without adding too many details about the characters or the plot. The most important characters in the story are the girl and her parents. The fact that none of the characters is named suggests that the story is meant to illustrate human typologies.

The main event takes place in 1938 in the US. The social setting of the story explores aspects related to small-town society in America during the interwar period, the appeal of Hollywood, the condition of women, materialism, and class mentality.

“Greyhound Tragedy” is a third-person narration. Most of the story is conveyed by focusing on the protagonist’s perspective. The narrator’s presence is felt through descriptions that come across as sarcastic.

The language of the short story is simple and minimalist, making the text easy to follow and understand. Similes, metaphors, repetitions, and symbols contribute to conveying the story’s meanings in creative ways.

You can read the full analysis in what follows.

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