Chapter 8

Here you can read a summary of chapter 8 of F Scott Fitzgerald's “The Great Gatsby”. In this chapter, Nick explains what happened when Myrtle got killed and describes how George Wilson shot Gatsby. This sub-chapter summarizes the plot of chapter 8.

The next morning, Nick goes to Gatsby's mansion, where his neighbor has just returned after staying all night outside the Buchanans' house. He tells Nick that nothing happened during his watch. Nick suggests that Gatsby leave the area and forget about Daisy, worried that his car will be identified as the one that hit Myrtle.

Gatsby instead chooses to tell Nick the true story of his past, describing his first relationship with Daisy in detail. He claims she agreed to wait to marry him after the War, but then married Tom instead while Gatsby was away studying in Oxford.

Gatsby's groundsman int...

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