Themes and message

“The Great Gatsby” by F Scott Fitzgerald has several key themes which help to convey Fitzgerald's message. One of the most important things the book tries to communicate is Fitzgerald's judgment that contemporary society is immoral and corrupt. This is particularly evident in what the author sees as the corruption of the American dream, symbolized by Gatsby's failure to profit from his wealth and his attempts to win back Daisy.

Hwere you can read useful information regarding the themes of the novel:

  • Love
  • Death
  • Immorality


Love is an important theme in “The Great Gatsby”. It is Gatsby's love for Daisy that drives him to gain his extraordinary wealth, and which is the reason he holds his famous parties, hoping that Daisy will come along to one of them. However, Gatsby is the only character in the novel who shows real love for someone else;



“The Great Gatsby” is also deeply concerned with the theme of death. In the novel it is moments of death which reveal characters as they truly are. For example, when Daisy hits Myrtle in Gatsby's car and kills her, Gatsby, Daisy and Tom seem ...



The characters of the novel live in a corrupt world where immorality has taken the place of spirituality and a love of material possessions has replaced religion. Each of the characters is morally questionable.


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