Nick Carraway

Nick is the narrator of the novel, and it is through him that we discover the characters of Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom. As Gatsby's neighbor and Daisy's cousin, he is the perfect figure to orchestrate the renewed affair between the pair and he is also the perfect character to narrate the novel. Fitzgerald manages to manipulate Nick's character so that he both participates in the action of the novel and acts as a semi-neutral bystander and commentator. This makes him both a credible character in the book and also a link to the reader who is looking into the story from the outside.

Nick is quiet, introspective and a good listener, with a talent for making people trust him. Consequently, most of the major characters in the book take him into their confidence at some point, with Gatsby, in particular, becoming willing to reveal the secrets of his past to him, telling Nick his life story “at a time of confus...

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