Daisy Buchanan

In what follows, you can read about the character analysis of Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”. This is an analysis of Daisy and the main features which define her character and appearance, as well as her role in the novel.

Daisy Buchanan is fundamentally characterized as young, beautiful and somehow careless. Gatsby's great love for her and her indecision over him is the driving force behind the novel. Daisy is at least partly based on Fitzgerald's wife Zelda, who was beautiful and somewhat wild, and always searching for a luxurious and fun life.

Daisy is constantly associated with things that are white and pure, and she is initially presented as being the only simple and honest character amongst a collection of complex, lying people. In contrast to the other characters, she seems childishly innocent, exclaiming when she finds a bruise on her finger, “'Look!' she complained, “I hurt it!” (p. 17). She is particularly presented in contrast to her...

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