Writing style

This sub-chapter is an analysis of the writing style in “The Great Gatsby”. It examines the tone of “The Great Gatsby” as well as the allegory used in “The Great Gatsby”.

In what follows, we will discuss a few important aspects of author's writing style in "The Great Gatsby" by F Scott Fitzgerald:

  • Sentences
  • Tone
  • Allegory


Regarding the writing style in “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald often uses long sentences, sometimes with more than one sub-clause. He uses commas and semi-colons to connect ideas and imagery, sometimes in surprising ways. For example, in chapter 1, he describes Gatsby:​


Here we offer you an analysis of the tone of “The Great Gatsby”.

The “The Great Gatsby”'s tone is one of nostalgia and sentimentality about the past. The narrator recalls the luxuries and the vividness of the Jazz age with the same mix of fondness and disgust that Fitzgerald himself felt for it.



In “The Great Gatsby”, allegory plays an important role. Here we discuss some important aspects of allegory in “The Great Gatsby” by F Scott Fitzgerald. 

In the novel, Fitzgerald creates an allegory of the “American dream”.


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