The fantasy genre

Definition of fantasy

Fantasy can be defined as a fiction genre which involves magical elements, settings, and creatures. It is typically set in an imaginary world that may or may not resemble the Middle Ages. 

Fantasy is often inspired by ancient myths, cultures, or religions. Thus, the genre frequently features mythical or magical beings, such as elves, dragons, witches, and fairies.

In many ways, fantasy depends on the readers’ suspension of disbelief - meaning that we must accept all the unrealistic and impossible elements to enjoy it. We know that what we are reading or watching is impossible but that is part of the enjoyment. 

Today the fantasy genre spans many different types of media, such as novels, comic books, video games, TV series, and movies. It has also become mainstream and acceptable entertainment for adults, despite initially being labeled as a children’s genre.

Fantasy vs. fairy tales

To some extent, fairy tales can be considered early versions of fantasy. There are many similarities between the two genres. The protagonist is typically a young person who must overcome many obstacles on the way to a...

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