Narrator and point of view

The story “Dip in the Pool” by Roald Dahl is told from the point of view of a third-person narrator.

The narrator appears to be omniscient showing the thoughts of other characters such as the purser’s. For example, the narrator shares that the purser notices the excitement in Botibol’s eyes when he is asking about the auction: “He was looking into the small black eyes of the other man, seeing the two single little specks of excitement dancing in their centres”. 

However, for most of the story, the narrator focuses on Botibol’s perspective. Throughout the story, the narrator shares Botibol’s inner monologue and his feelings, such as when he realizes he will lose the money he spent at the auction:

What, for example, would Ethel say? (...) And what about the monthly instalments on the television set and the Encyclopaedia Britanni...

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