Larry Ott

Outer characterization

Larry Ott is one of the main characters of the novel Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin. Larry is a 41-year-old man who lives near Amos, Mississippi. He is a mechanic and lives alone in his childhood home. The novel also shows several moments from Larry’s life from when he was 13 until the present day. His mother is Ina Ott, an his father is Carl Ott. His mother now has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home, and his father has died in a drunk-driving accident. Larry also finds out he has a half-brother, Silas Jones. 

Larry has a lean face, short and choppy brown hair that he cuts himself, and prefers to be clean-shaven (p. 4). He has olive skin and brown eyes with long lashes, which he gets from his mother (p. 45).

Inner characterization

Larry’s kindness

Throughout the novel, Larry is characterized by his kindness. For example, when he first meets Silas ...

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