Rhetorical devices

Rhetorical devices are techniques which are meant to make a speech more appealing to the audience through language tricks. Such devices are usually used to captivate the audience and make the speaker’s ideas more attractive. The most used rhetorical devices in Cook’s Chicken Tikka Masala speech are allusions, repetitions, and enumerations. The speech is also enhanced by the use of direct address, humour, and metaphors.


An allusion is a direct reference to another person, a historical event, a text, or another piece of media. Robin Cook uses historical allusions extensively in his speech in the section dedicated to demonstrating that Britain was never a pure-race society: “London was first established as the capital of a Celtic Britain by Romans from Italy. They were in turn driven out by Saxons and Angles from Germany. The great cathedrals of this land were built mostly by Norman Bishops...

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