An analysis of the short story “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian shows that the narrative structure revolves around Margot’s inner conflict when it comes to her relationship with Robert. The events take place in chronological order over the course of a few months. 

The main characters are Margot, a college student, and Robert, an older man. The story follows Margot from the moment she meets Robert until soon after she breaks up with him. 

The story’s physical setting is an unnamed city in the US, where Margot goes to college. The most important part of the physical setting is Robert’s house, where Margot feels uncomfortable and where the two of them have sex. The story’s social setting looks at gender roles in the 21st century, particularly at Margot’s need to be considered a polite, nice girl. The social setting also looks at dating in the 21st century and the issue of consent. 

The events are told by a third-person narrator, who adopts Margot’s perspective and offers readers insight into her inner conflict. Margot’s perspective helps readers empathize with her and makes the narrative more authentic.

The language is modern and contemporary to the time of publishing. Several symbols are introduced in the story to enhance its meaning. 

A full analysis of the short story can be found in the following pages. 

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