The title of the short story “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway indicates that the text will involve a cat in the rain. However, upon further analysis it is revealed that the title is also symbolic.

The straightforward meaning of the title is revealed in the story when the American wife spots a cat sheltering from the rain: “The American wife stood at the window looking out. Outside right under their window a cat was crouched under one of the dripping green tables.” The American woman decides to rescue the cat but is faced with disappointment when she goes outside and cannot find it.

Back in her room, the woman starts a conversation with her husband George about the different things she wants:

“And I want to eat at a table with my own silver and I want candles. And I want it to be spring and I want to brush my hair out in front of a mirror and I want a kitty and I want some new clothes.”

When George ignores her, she ...

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