Other characters

Arch Community Singer of Canterbury 

Since all religions are forbidden in the state, the Arch Community Singer of Canterbury acts like a secular counterpart to the archbishops of Christianity. He therefore represents a respected personality in the World State. He is a visitor at one of the parties that Bernard Marx is giving to present the ‘savage’ to the public.

When John doesn’t show up, the Arch Community Singer gets angry. He regrets going to this event and feels he is being fooled by Bernard. He thinks a lot of himself and is therefore particularly upset to have fallen for a crippled Alpha like Bernard. He is annoyed that Bernard bragged about the presence of the Arch Community Singer on his invitation cards. Before he leaves Bernard's party, he gives him some well-intentioned advice: “ ‘Mend your ways, my young friend, mend your ways’ ” (Chapter 12, 27%).

The Arch Community Singer flies home from the party with Lenina. He is one of her lovers. They used to even spend a weekend together in his diocesan singing. There he gave her a “little golden zipper-fastening in th...

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