Linda and John

Linda is a blonde, “pneumatic, particularly pneumatic” (Chapter 6, 45%) Beta-Minus. She is the Director’s girlfriend and works in the fertilization room. One day, the Director takes her on a trip to the New Mexican reservation. During a climbing tour, she suddenly disappears for inexplicable reasons. The search for her is unsuccessful the next day too, so she is believed to be dead.

The truth is that she crashed and hit her head. Luckily, she is rescued by the Natives. They bring her to their village. Linda is pregnant at this point and later gives birth to her son John on the reservation. They live in a cottage near the Native village. Linda is very ashamed that she gave birth to a child. Therefore, she never tries to return to the civilized world, because she would be ridiculed there.

Linda has no idea how to properly care for and raise a child because the children in civilization do not have a mother. She is not prepared for her role as a mother and is completely disoriented after giving birth. She tries to give John some sleep teaching. She has a hard time developing feelings for John. When ...

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