Lenina Crowne

The naive beauty

Lenina Crowne is a young, red-blonde Beta. According to the novel, “for all the lupus and the purple eyes, she was uncommonly pretty.” (Chapter 1, 89%). Henry Foster describes her as a wonderful girl, her body is “wonderfully pneumatic” (Chapter 3, 55%). Because of her beauty, she is the object of sexual desire for several male figures. The young woman is well aware of her attractiveness and knows how to use it to her advantage. She is popular with the men at the Conditioning Center where she works and has “spent a night with almost all of them” (Chapter 4, 1%).

Lenina works as a laboratory assistant in the Conditioning Center in London. She has been dating her colleague Henry Foster for four months. Both obey the social rules. When they go on dates, they engage in activities like other citizens do, such as obstacle golf or dancing: “Four hundred couples were five-stepping round the polished floor. Lenina and Henry were soon the four hundred and first” (Chapter 5, 27%)., Lenina actually doesn't want any other men at the moment. However, she lets herself be convinced by Fanny, her friend: “ ‘It's such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man.’ ” (Chapter 3, 41%)

Lenina appreciates her friend's advice. After all, “...

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