Chapter summaries

Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, published in 1932, takes place in the year 632 AF (‘after Ford’), in a totalitarian World State. All national borders are abolished. Ten World Controllers guide the state and ensure its stability. People are bred in test tubes and bottles and then conditioned to perform very specific tasks. Citizens take on positions determined from birth and are divided into five different castes in a strict pyramidal social structure.

In this futuristic, completely standardized world, every form of individualism is outlawed as anti-social behavior. At the same time, unemployment, hunger, wars, and misery have been overcome. Genetic control, occupational safety, sexual freedom, as well as mass consumption of drugs ensure that people live happily and without worry until they die. All citizens remain young and fresh until they are about sixty years old. However, paradise also has its downsides: people are constantly monitored and have to sacrifice their freedom and the right to a self-determined and self-chosen life. Those who think differently are exiled to distant islands. 

Our thorough chapter summaries on Brave New World give you a comprehensive and detailed overview of the entire, complex content in just a few pages. You can easily understand what happens, where, when, and which characters are involved in the event. Exact references help you find the paragraphs you are looking for without time-consuming searches. Each chapter summary contains a precise description of the plot of the chapter in question.

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