Literary Perspectives

The short story “Blackberries” by Leslie Norris can be seen as a modernist work of fiction. Modernist writers seek to present the world as people experience…


Works with the same theme

The short story “The Spoiled Child” by Sinéad de Valera also presents the theme of growing up. In the same way that in “Blackberries” the boy is exposed to a reality of adult life by watching his parents argue about lack of money, in “The Spoiled Child”, Aisling is exposed to different people’s hardships in order to become less self-involved. As a result of these experiences, the main characters of both short stories get to grow up and become more mature. 

Another short story that explores the theme of growing up is “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro. Both the boy from “Blackberries” and the narrator from “Boys and Girls” witness upsetting events that make them understand the realities of life and change their worldview to a more mature one. In “Boys and Girls” the narrator re…

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