Barack Obama's “A More Perfect Union” speech begins with a quotation from the US Constitution about unity. The speaker talks about the importance of the American Constitution. He recalls the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the fact that while the document granted everyone equal rights, slaves were excluded. He reminds the audience that a joint effort over several generations was required to end slavery and grant African Americans equal civil rights.

He mentions that he chose to run for President because he realizes that unity is once again required in the US. He then describes his own ancestry: on his father’s side he has Kenyan ancestry and on his mother’s side white American ancestry.

He discusses how his candidacy was received by the public, some arguing that it was too targeted towards African-Americans and others arguing it was not targeted enough.

He then explains his relationship with Reverend Wright—a man who made some controversial allegations against white Americans—and his perspective on the reverend’s statements. While Obama rejects the reverend’s statements he also te...

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