The short story “A Pair of Jeans” by Qaisra Shahraz is about a young woman named Miriam. She returns home from an evening out with her friends dressed in a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Her future in-laws, arriving for a visit, are shocked to see her wearing these modern clothes. Although Miriam changes into more traditional clothes, the future in-laws, Begum and Ayub, do not stay long.

Begum and Ayub discuss Miriam when they arrive home. Ayub complains that Miriam is not a modest girl, as Begum assured him that she was. He already imagines her to be the worst sort, going out late and taking drugs. 

Begum secretly agrees with him. However, she does not want to say it, because she met Miriam first, and chose her as a wife for their son, F...

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