Characterization of John

John is the main character in the story “A Meeting in the Dark” by Ngugi wa Thiong’o. He is a preacher’s son. He is well-educated, and having “finished all the whiteman’s learning in Kenya”, he is now set to go to the University of Makerere in Uganda to further his learning.

John is also ambitious. He places great value on his future prospects, and he sees himself as above others, who are less educated than him. One of his main worries is that “the government might withdraw his bursary” when learning of the scandal with Wamuhu, thus stopping his chances of furthering his education. This contributes greatly to his internal conflict. One of the main reasons why he does not want to marry Wamuhu is that it would ruin his future prospects: “She had no learning – or rather she had not gone beyond standard four. Marrying her would probably ruin his chances of ever going to a university”....

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