Outer characterization

Muni is another main character in the short story “A Horse and Two Goats” by R. K. Narayan. He is described as an “old man” (p. 184, l. 24). When Muni meets the American, he is at the entrance of the village, guarding his two goats (p. 185, l. 4). Muni is poor, as the narrative reveals that “his own earning at any time was in coppers and nickels” (p. 187, ll. 25-26). He only communicates in the Tamil language, as he does not understand English. 

Inner characterization

When Muni first meets the American, their interaction shows that he is respectful. He addresses the American with “sir” (p. 185, l. 25) and with “honourable one” (p. 187, l. 9), which shows his politeness.

When he finally understands the American’s interest in the horse statue, Muni assumes he is curious about its background. As he talks about the statue’s origin and legend, Muni reveals that he is proud of h...

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