The language used by George W. Bush in his 9/11 Address to the Nation can be described as straightforward and clear – it is easy to follow thanks to short sentences and easy to remember thanks to vivid imagery and concise ideas.

Choice of words

Bush's language is generally formal, which is appropriate for the speech and its circumstances.

He frequently uses words that create contrast between the profoundly negative effects of the terrorist attacks on the American people and the strength of the American spirit.

Some relevant examples of negative words are: “evil, despicable acts” , “disbelief, terrible sadness” , “our nation saw evil” and “the very worst of human nature” . Some words generating positive images are: “our country is strong” , “the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity” , “no one will keep that light from shining” , “the daring of our rescue workers” , and “all Americans from every walk of life unite” .

For the most of the speech, the speaker uses the first-person plural ('we'), for sever...

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